You probably have heard talking about women gain weight after marriage. Is it a natural process or due to our carelessness about fitness? Weight gain is common as we grow but married people gain more weight than single people. According to the study, it is found that  82% of couples gain 5 to 10 kg within 5 years of marriage. 

On average married women gain more weight than married men. Why do women weight increase after marriage? We will know the reason and ways to control the weight.

Why women gain weight after marriage? Reason of gaining weight for girls after marriage.

Reasons for women gaining weight after marriage.

1. Due to Physical Changes

Girls of age 19 -25 years need 2200 calories on average whereas a woman of age 26-50 years needs 2000 calories means 200 calories less. If you are eating the same amount of food as earlier you are likely to gain weight. When a woman enters into a physical and emotional relationship many changes occur which can be seen through body fat.

2. Hormonal changes occur

When a woman gets into marriage the hormonal changes occur and the reason is being sexually active with the partner. Regular sex also increases your appetite and makes you eat more. This can lead to weight gain.

3. Stress level increases

After a woman gets married she has to think about her family, house and other responsibilities which increases the stress. As the stress increases our body releases cortisol hormone which stimulates your appetite and promotes weight gain.

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4. Sedentary lifestyle after marriage

After marriage girls focus less on their body health and fitness. They rather focus on eating and partying. For girls looking slim and good physique is the major concern but after marrying most of these things vanish. And without proper exercise and yoga, our body is going to add you some extra fats.

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5. Metabolism reduces as you grow old.

Most people marry after 30 years these days. According to health experts, the metabolic process decreases when you hit 30 and you are likely to gain weight. 

Mistakes that slow down your metabolism

  • Eating fewer calories.
  • Not enough protein
  • Drinking more sugary beverages
  • Lack of physical training
  • No proper sleep

6. Lifestyle changes

Life can take a complete turn after marriage. Many changes in lifestyle occur after all you have to take responsibilities of home, finance and families. These things can make you busy and have less time for a regular exercise routine or forget about it. You find good cuddling with your partner then going for a run in the early morning. 

7. Taking life easily

People after marriage feel that they have achieved something big and they are free from college, have a job and settled family. They don’t want to take the burden of extra physical activity. All they want is to work, eat, and sleep no matter what their body weight is going through. That’s why you are getting fat after marriage.

8.  Pregnancy

Women before, during, and after pregnancy are given to eat more food for a healthy mom and child. Being a new mom is stressful and people are likely to eat more when stressed.

The other reasons are the lifestyle, mother spending more time with kids without any exercise, eating leftovers food of the child.

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How to Control women Weight Gain after Marriage?

These tips can be effective ways on how to avoid weight gain after marriage

  • Reduce the time of watching more TV with your partner. This makes you lazy and easy to get off track with your workouts. 
  • Convince your partner for workout or yoga. If he seems disinterested in workout, you do it yourself for personal happiness and satisfaction.
  • Couples can spend free time joining extra activities like running, yoga, gym and other fitness rather than cooking different foods. 
  •  Buy healthy food and vegetables rather than processed junk foods from grocery stores. 
  •  Avoid too much eating out. This can save your health and money both.
  • Make exercise a part of your life. Realize the results of obesity like heart-related problems, cholesterol, blood pressure. 
  • Buy a treadmill or any other exercise machine to do workout at home.



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