Cycling is healthy,low impact exercise and suitable for age of every kind from young to older ones. Spending five minutes a day for cycling can help you to minimize weight gain,especially for men and women who are heading towards middle age. There are many health benefits of cycling from physical to mental health. Some basic advantage of cycling are

1.Faster Recovery

Based on a recent study conducted on elderly patients with knee pain and osteoarthritis, their conditions have improved once they have included cycling in their routines. This shows that as a person grows older taking time to exercise even if it’s five minutes a day can greatly benefit our health.

2.Less stress

Exercise helps to reduce stress. Cycling is one of the best stress reducing activities. Simply enjoying a ride alone or with your friends can help to boost your mental health, leading to more good days ahead of you.

3.Improves heart health

A recent study performed for five years has shown that among the 1500 subjects those who were active daily had 30% fewer chances of having heart related problems. Cycling increases your heart rate and gets the blood pumping around your body, burns calories and reduces the chance of overweight. Such benefits of cycling should be achieved.

4.Cycling saves time

For short distance travelling you are efficient with cycling. You don’t need to be stuck in traffic, pay parking fees and gas. Vehicles cause more pollution and if you travel through cycles you will be contributing to reduce pollution.

5.Grow your social circle

When you go cycling with  people there will be more communication and improves your social circle. You will be experiencing different kinds of people and their thoughts. Cycling in group,motivates you further more travel by cycle. If a guy is going mountain biking for the first time, he will surely wait for the next one.

6.Cycling builds muscle

Cycling doesn’t only burn fat, it also builds muscle particularly around the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. The cyclists have better calves muscle than many of the bodybuilders and athletes.

7.Slow aging

Want to experience more intense benefits of cycling? 

Go for high-level cycling, instead. Cycling activities with high-intensity intervals were found to provide major anti-aging benefits down to the cellular level. 

Moreover, it was also found out that people who perform high-intensity cycling and other exercises had a boost in mitochondrial capacity. 

A decline in mitochondria can result in a physical decline as well. 

Simply put, the better your mitochondria can perform, the more energized you will be–and again, this is to the extent of the cellular level.

8.Helps in weight loss

Benefits of cycling for weight loss. For losing weight the calories out must exceed calories in. Cycling helps to burn more calories. Burning  calories depends upon yourself how intense is  your cycling and body weight. On average cycling burns  between 400 and 1000 calories an hour. These are the main benefits of cycling.


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