Eyes are the most vital organs of our body. We cannot even imagine our life without eyes. Knowingly or unknowingly we are doing things that harm our eyes leading to blur vision and other eye problems.  The habits that degrade and improve eyesight are discussed below.

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The worst habits that weaken the eyesight.

1.Staring at the screen for long time continuously

In the last 10 years the number of teenagers or adults who use  glasses has increased by four times. The reason was watching mobile,computer and TV screens. Staring at them for a longer time without blinking makes our eyes dry and accumulation of dead cells near its surface causes inflammation and visual impairment. 

You can take a short rest from the screen every 30 min and drink water which helps a lot.

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2.Rubbing the eyes

Human eye is a very delicate organ. People who have the habit of rubbing eyes seriously damage the tiny blood vessels beneath their surface.  Moreover if your hands are not clean, the germs on your fingertips can get transferred onto the eye surface causing irritation and redness. If you feel itchy near the eye surface gently calm it down.

3. Reading while travelling

Reading or writing while travelling puts your eye under constant stress. The text you are trying to read is moving thus making it difficult for your eyes to focus on the text. Nowadays books are replaced by smartphones, reading tiny letters on the smartphone makes it more difficult and results in blurred vision in the long run. 

Avoid reading or chatting while travelling to improve eye vision.

4. Not wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory but also to prevent high sunlight and other harmful rays from damaging your eyes. Prolonged exposure to the sun UV rays leads to sunburn of cornea causing premature aging of eyes and even cataract. 

wearing sunglasses for protection from sunlight and improves eye vision

Make a habit of using 100% protection from UV rays sunglasses.

5.Working in low light

Reading or writing in low light puts extra pressure on the eye muscle making the weak over time . If you are using a computer or mobile screen with room light off, it will ruin your vision. 

Make sure that you are working in proper light without straining your eye muscle and maintain your eye health.


1. Food to improve eyesight

If you want your healthy eyes for a longer time it is very important to include certain foods to improve eyesight in your diet. All green leafy vegetables which are rich in Zeaxanthin and lutein, are the two most nutrients for eyes. Carrot should be included in the form of salads or juice. Walnuts,flax seeds, and salmon are also best to improve eyesight.

healthy food for eyes to improve eye vision

2. Exercise to improve eyesight

We do body muscle exercises now let’s talk about eye muscles exercise. You will be amazed if you do  only a few eye exercises 3-5 minutes a day. Let’s improve eyesight with exercise.

  • Move your eyeball in circular motion. Do it slowly for 30 secs.
  • Tightly close your eyes and hold it for 3 secs and open it.
  • Rub your palms together and place on your eyes. The warmth of the palm relaxes the eye muscle.
  • Walking barefoot on the grass and watching greenery early in the morning.

 3.Eye wash routine

Fill your mouth full with water and wash your eyes with fresh water. The purpose of filling water in the mouth is to expand the areas of the eye so that it is washed properly. You can also use an eye wash cup.

4. Regular eye check up

Eyes are the most delicate organ of our body and need constant monitoring. It is better to go for regular eye check up once in six months to improve eye vision.

Which steps are you following to improve eye vision ? comment below

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