Protein is one of the most important macro nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the human body.  Human body needs protein to maintain and repair tissues and  children need it for growth. There are various source of good protein from veg to non vegetarian. 

A person who does not workout has a sedentary lifestyle still needs 50-60 gram of protein on a daily basis and if your goal is to build muscle you need much more.

 Are you consuming an appropriate amount of protein ? what are the sources of protein in food that you are getting from ? Human body needs protein foods to maintain and repair tissues and  children need it for growth. All the source of high protein are not very useful for our body. Here are the ranking of highest protein foods source from bad to good.

category 1. Processed meat

According to wiki – Processed meat is any meat which has been modified in order either to improve its taste or to extend its shelf life. Processed meat includes sausages, salami, bacon and ham. Even though it is high in protein, regularly eating processed meat is as harmful as taking cigarettes.

 These meat are made with many harmful chemicals which are not present in fresh meat. You should avoid taking processed meat regularly.

category 2. Red meat and cheese

Red meat includes beef, mutton, pork as they are red in colour. Although they are good sources of protein they contain more saturated fat. 

100 gm of red meat contains 25gm protein, 30gm fat and 0 gm carbs. 

Similarly 100 gm of cheese contains 25 gm protein, 33 gm fat and 1 gm of carbs. 

Daily consumption of saturated fat for adults is 18-20 grams otherwise it may cause heart diseases in the long run.

category 3. Legumes, nuts and milk products

These are great source of protein other than meat for vegans. They are highest source of protein but not a lean source of protein. Lean protein is a source which has only protein and no carbohydrate, no fats.

 1 cup of legumes contains 20 gm protein, 50 gm carbs and 6 gm fats which is considered good for muscle building but not ideal for fat loss. Peanut,almonds,walnuts are the source of good protein in plant foods.  

Milk and milk products are also lean sources of protein. Protein 10 gm, carbs 15 gm and fat 4 gm. These are considered as best protein source for bodybuilding.

category 4. Chicken breast, egg white, fish, tofu, whey protein

All these protein sources have high biological value like fast digesting and are lean making them the best protein source of food ideal for fat loss and active lifestyle. Also best protein source for muscle gain.

100gm chicken breast contains 25gm protein, 0gm fats and 0gm carbs.

sources(100 gm)proteinfatscarbs
chicken breast25 gm0 gm0 gm
Egg white4 gm0 gm0 gm
Fish25 gm0 gm8 gm
Whey protein (1 scoop)24 gm0 gm 0 gm

Fish is the highest protein meat which is also easy to digest. 

Whey protein is a milk based supplement . 1 scoop of whey protein with water is the best post workout drink which helps recovery. 

It is always recommended to keep varying the protein sources so that your body doesn’t get used to one particular diet. One should eat only 20-40 gm of protein in one serving so that it gets properly absorbed in the body. 


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