Our body stores the fat around the centre mass of our body like belly, love handles and hips. One of the first areas when you overeat is the belly. It is very unhealthy to carry a large amount of fat around your midsection. Even though your body is quick to store fat around your stomach it is very difficult to lose belly fat.

 So you need to reduce the overall body fat percentage low enough to allow your body to burn fat everywhere else. This is done mostly through diet. A lot of times many people follow a strict diet which becomes more and more difficult the longer you try to stick to it. 

Here are 9 ways to lose belly fat without having to torture yourself in the process. 

How to lose belly fat ?

fat loss foods containing eggs, spinach, oatmeal etc

1. Limit the amount of sugar

Reduce the amount of high sugar food you eat on a daily basis. Sugar does taste good in the moment but it makes you crave more sugar in the future. When you eat things like cookies, ice cream and cake you end up decreasing the sensitivity of your palate which make natural healthy sources of sugar like fruits taste much less sweet and less satisfying. 

Studies have shown the direct link between high sugar intake and high abdominal fat. It doesn’t mean you have to strictly ban the sugar, you can take a few amounts .Limiting sugar is the best ways to lose belly fat.

2. Avoid packaged juices

Packaged juice and smoothies are claimed to be healthy but in reality they only help you to store body fat. You will see there full of tons of ingredients to help preserve the product and full of added sugar. If you want a smoothie it’s better to make your own with fruits, vegetables and water. It is better to avoid such foods for belly fat loss.

3. Drink more water

The majority of people trying to burn fat think that water can be used to enhance weight loss and fat loss . So they keep drinking tons of water throughout the day. Eight-ounce glasses of water is best for a day.

 There is no magical property of water that significantly enhances fat loss. It will slightly speed up your metabolism . Drinking water prevents you from overeating and taking extra calories in the form of sugar. This will help you to lose belly fat. 

4. Increase protein intake if it is low

Studies have shown protein helps fill you up and reduces hunger. Protein requires significantly more energy to digest than carbs and fat and increase your metabolism if you have a higher protein diet. Sometimes even helping you burn 100’s of calories per day and also great for building muscles. Eggs, chicken breast , nuts are great foods for belly fat loss.

 Eating too much protein won’t give you extra benefits. Maximum muscle building effects are achieved at around 0.7 to 0.8 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. 

a protein food that helps for fat loss

5. Don’t drink too much alcohol

Don’t over drink alcohol since fat is metabolized in the liver. You want your liver to be available for the breakdown of fat rather than being busy in digesting alcohol. When you drink alcohol your body drastically slows down the breakdown of fat to prioritize getting the alcohol out of your system . 

Beer and wine in access can add just as much sugar to your diet as drinking soda. If you’re gonna drink alcohol go for unflavored liquors like  Vodka, Rum and Tequila. 

6. Eat more soluble fibers

Fibers are a great belly fat loss diet. Eating more soluble fiber helps to reduce hunger. It does by slowing down the digestion of the food that you eat helping you to remain full for a longer time. Great sources of soluble fiber include oats, avocado and brussel sprouts. 

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7. Right type of exercise

The majority of your belly fat will be burnt via exercise. Exercise that lose belly fat can really  help to speed things up and helps to maintain your results. Weight training in particular will allow you to burn more calories, increase more muscle which helps to increase your metabolism and increase your insulin sensitivity which will be great for fat loss.

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep is crucial for your muscle to recover and when you rest and sleep that your muscle grows. Getting enough sleep helps to balance hormones while not getting enough increases cortisol and decreases testosterone. Sleep for 6 to 7 hours per night to ensure that your body is primed for fat loss and muscle growth.

9. High intensity interval training

After diet and belly fat loss workout you can add high intensity interval training to boost fat loss a little further. This session should include full body exercise that increases your heart rate like burpees, squat jumps, skipping and rope slams. 

The goal is to work as hard as you can for a short duration like 45 to 60 secs followed by a short break of 30-60 secs. Repeat again and again for 15 min. These full body aerobic exercises for belly fat loss are great ways to burn more calories in a short amount of time without promoting muscle loss. 

A man doing jumping rope exercise.

So these are the belly fat loss tips without crazy restrictions. By following these simple suggestions you will be able to stick to a healthy plan for a longer time.

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