Masturbation is the common activity to reach the point of orgasm by yourself. It is a natural and safe way to know the importance and pleasure that you can get with your body parts. 

There are lots of myths and facts about masturbation which are going to discuss here. 

The act itself is not good or bad but some religious belief introduced it as bad activity. Sexual development is as important as physical, emotional and mental development. Such feelings occur among all individuals of different backgrounds, genders, and races.

Is masturbation harmful ?

Despite the myth masturbation has no much physically harmful side effects until it’s done aggressively and excessively. Many people say that there is no side effect but excessive masturbation can affect us physically and mentally little or more depending upon person ability. Here are some side effects of masturbation if done excessively

Masturbation side effects


Many people after they do it feel themselves guilty. This feeling of guilt comes because of spiritual or religious beliefs and other reasons are no control over sexual feelings. However it is not the activity to be shameful .

Sharing how you feel with friends or specialists will help to accept the fact that self pleasure is not immoral.

Decreased sexual sensitivity

If a man holds his penis with tightly and aggressively frequently he can experience decreased sensation. It gets resolved with time but should change the way of doing it. 

Addiction to pornography

Porn addiction is a serious problem. It can damage the healthy relationship. You lose interest in your partner because you expect as that in porn. You keep watching daily and experience cravings to view more. 

Wasting time

You waste your valuable time watching and thinking about sex rather than focusing on productive work. Skipping school or work just to sit alone and masturbate or watch porn.

Physical weakness

The consequences of masturbation is tiredness. If the person is addicted to masturbation he will always feel tired which results in weakness of the human body. They don’t have an active morning, always wake up with a tired body and mind.

Thought on women

 People who are addicted to masturbation don’t have respect towards women. They see girls as an object for their pleasure. They cannot give respect means they cannot earn respect. 

Addiction to masturbation

Symptoms if you are addicted to masturbation ?

  • If you are doing it even when you don’t feel sexual
  • You are masturbating more than usual
  • The feeling of guilt after doing it
  • It becomes the way of ignoring bad mood
  • If you don’t want to do it anymore.
  • Spending lot of time on porn
  • You doesnt feel the sex as before
  • You don’t feel confident and low self esteem

How often should you masturbate ?

This question does not have the exact answer. As long as masturbation doesn’t affect your energy levels and other daily activities. 

Some experts explain that masturbating daily is excessive and it can lead to fatigue physically and mentally, early ejaculation and some mental effects

 Doing it 2 to 3 times a week is recommended. On the other hand masturbation helps to reduce stress, better performance in bed, relaxed sleep. 

Benefits of masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy natural sexual activity . It has physical and mental benefits if done in the proper way and proper amount. 

  • It helps to prevent prostate cancer. A person who ejaculates decreases the toxins built in the urogenital tract which reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Masturbating helps to release neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that boost your mood and makes you feel more satisfied.
  • With age men can have erectile dysfunction and incontinence . And it can be prevented upto some extent with masturbation or regular sex.
  • During ejaculation cortisol which is a stress hormone gets released which lowers stress and boosts the immune system.

When to masturbate ?

Masturbation cannot replace sex. If it is replaced, there will be a problem in the relationship .

However there are certain times when it can replaces sex

  • When you don’t have any partner
  • If your partner sex drive is lower than yours
  • When partner is sick
  • If your partner is pregnant
  • When partner is unavailable

Do masturbation cause premature ejaculation ?

Excessive masturbation can be harmful for the nerves that allow for the ejaculation and may damage it. And the results can be premature ejaculation or ejaculation during sleep.

Prevention of masturbation addiction

There are some ways that helps to prevent the masturbation addiction

  • Avoid or limit watching porn. Watching porn can make you instantly sexual which results in ejaculation. 
  • Avoid yourself locked in a room and spend your time with family friends or involve in outside work or sports.
  • Find a new hobby or skills. Keep yourself in such t busy in such things because boredom is the main cause of addictive habits.

Other treatments are

  • Consult with therapist
  • Offline and online support groups and forums

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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