Can you stay without using phone for an hour ? Can you stay without checking social media for 6 hours ? Then you are suffering from cell phone addiction and you need to read this.

Smartphones have become a part of our lives. Smartphones and the internet have made our life easier. Every basic work from home to office, we are doing on the phone. But someone has said and it is also true that “ TECHNOLOGY IS A GOOD SERVANT BUT A BAD MASTER “.  People get anxious disturbed if they are without their phone even for a few minutes. We are mostly seen with our phone in hand. Cell phone addiction is as harmful as other addiction.

Most of the people are suffering from NOMOPHOBIA, the fear of being without a phone. Here we are gonna discuss the symptoms and cure for smartphone addiction.

“Everyone knows but only few realize.”

We use phones when we wake up, having meals, sitting, standing, in between conversations, while walking and before sleeping in bed. A survey at Stanford university shows that 75% of students would like to forget their wallet at home than phone while they are out. An average user checks his phone 110 times and spends 4.7 hours daily. 

People of age 18-29 use their phone so that they don’t get bored. Using too much phone and social media is the reason behind the teenagers and young people suffering from anxiety, depression and sadness. When smartphones were accessible to all then the search related to depression has increased in google. 

Mobile phone addiction  symptoms

How to find that you are addicted to your phone ? Here are some signs that might match with you

  • You immediately search your phone when you are alone or bored
  • Spending more time with phone
  • You get anxious, short tempered when you don’t find your phone.
  • Trouble in completing task due to regular checking of phone
  • Difficulty in concentrating at work
  • Need to check notification instantly and regularly even in middle of work
  • Other people complain about you for overuse of phone
  • Disturbance in sleep
  • Checking social media regularly without any purpose

Effects of cell phone addiction

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1.Eye strain 

Continuous watching the phone or tab screen for more than 2 hours can cause pain and discomfort in your eye. Others problems can be

  • Blurred vision
  • Dryness in eye
  • Itchy eye
  • Eye strain can cause headache
  • Eye fatigue

Take care of your eye.

2. Vehicle accidents 

Many car accidents are caused due to using phones while driving. People think that they can multitask and end up in hospital. So better to avoid cell phone addiction for safety.

3. Neck and back pain

Neck and back is a common problem if people are looking down on a phone for a long period of time. If we keep bending for longer periods for more years we will have a serious back posture and neck pain.

Study shows that 45% of the youngsters from 16 to 24 years suffer from back pain due to over usage of phones in bad posture.

3. Increasing loneliness and depression

When we are addicted to a smartphone and social media loop, it is difficult for us to be free. We are more into phones than with people and being introverted. 

We are sharing our problems with the internet and social media rather than with friends and family. This suppresses the feeling. Social media is fake and we are comparing ourselves with the fake one and making us feel down. This is leading us to loneliness and depression.

Also read: How to Deal with depression.

4. Isolation from family and friends 

We are getting far from social life because we keep ourselves inside the room scrolling the mobile every time. Mobile is helping us to make more online friends leaving back the real friends. No physical sports, not visiting out with friends and family. The more we have connected with social media the less connection with our near and dear ones.  This is making us less socialized with the outer world. 

5. Health problems 

If you are spending much time on the phone you are less likely to be fit and healthy because you don’t have time to focus on fitness. People addicted to phones create their virtual space and forget the reality, keep themselves engaged for a longer period of time.

The health problems will be related to eye, back pain, obesity,mental stress and depression. Follow these simple home exercise

Beginner Home Workouts

6. Less productive 

When you have more cravings for a phone, you get distracted from time to time. You keep checking phones and social media from time to time for no reason. Checking notification in the middle of work. These things decrease our concentration and productivity. 

How to overcome smart phone addiction ?

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Shall we stop using mobile phones ? Absolutely not. Mobile phones have become a part of our lives. We should use them in a sensible manner. Smartphone itself is not a problem but the problem created from it is a problem. Use the phone but don’t let the phone use you.

Here I will share some effective and practical ways to overcome cell phone addiction.

1.Find a replacement

If you can’t leave a bad habit replace it with some good habit. We start using our phone when we get up first in the morning because the phone is near our pillow or bed which we place it for alarm. It is better to place the alarm clock and mobile phone out of the reach of your hand. When the phone is near, we spend 15 to 20 mins just scrolling.

Start reading books rather than scrolling social media before going to sleep. This will improve your sleeping habit and sleep quality. We need to be creative and find some hobby so we lose interest in phones.

2. Change your phone unlock feature

Companies are focusing on fast unlock features so that users get addicted to their phones.

Nowadays phones can be unlocked in less than a second with face unlock and fingerprint unlock features.  Remove these both unlock features and use a long password with alphabets and numbers. This method will help to avoid using phones without any purpose. 

3. Turn off notification

We open our phone as soon as the notification bell rings. Once we open the phone we won’t get back without using it for less than 15 min. Application company has made the notification color so attractive that they want us to engage and let them keep earning. 

To stop this go to your phone settings and turn off the notification of social media apps like facebook, instagram, whatsapp .

4. Put your phone on airplane mode

If you are a student or office worker you need to keep your phone in airplane mode while working or reading. So that you don’t get distracted by any notifications and calls. You can focus on your work and become productive. If you feel like there is an important call then you can only turn off wifi or the internet. 

5. Fix a time for social media and phone

You can still use social media but for only a certain period of time. You can set your time for 1 to 2 hours for social media. And you can fix the time with your own convenience. But don’t set it before and after bed. Don’t use even 5 min also after your time finishes. This will make you habitual.

Or you can set the wallpaper written as  PUT THE PHONE DOWN.

Some additional tips

  • Track the usage of your phone through phone or apps daily.
  • Make habits of reading books. Replace phone with books
  • Remove all unnecessary apps

Share if you found it helpful, free your near ones from cell phone addiction.

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